Obtain Legal Protection for Your Company

If all goes correctly in a business transaction, everyone involved lives up to their end of the contract. If not, then it might come down to litigation. You can count on Burns Law Office for experienced contract law and courtroom litigation. We’ll stand up for you in a wide range of lawsuits and contract disputes.

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Handling All Types of Damages and Disputes

You can rely on Burns Law Office for exceptional representation in civil litigation. In cases in which there has been a breach of contract (one party has failed to perform the contract, partially performed it, or failed to meet a time requirement), we’ll help you pursue one of the three available solutions:

  • Rescission — cancellation of the contract
  • Specific performance — forcing one party to follow through on the contract
  • Monetary damages — the payment of money (restitution) to compensate the other party
    • Special damages — designed to restore the litigating party back to the state they would be in had the contract not been signed (may include out-of-pocket losses, lost wages and earning, and repairs costs)
    • General damages — based upon rational estimation (may include emotional damages, loss of enjoyment, or physical pain and suffering)

In some cases, higher damages (statutory damages) may be awarded for a specific wrong, and a successful lawsuit may cover the costs of filing fees, jury fees, and other out-of-pocket expenses. For a complete look at your civil litigation case, call us at 435-586-2718.

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